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Hello, my friend, and thank you for coming to AMImonAMI!

Who are we?
We are not a gallery, or a workshop of a single artist, or an art shop. AMImonAMI is all of it in one! We work for those, who want something special and appreciate exceptional works of local artists.

Where are we?
We are in Anykščiai, a small town in north-eastern Lithuania, in eastern Europe. We reside in a small, green, wooden house, which stands by the stream in a nature’s refuge.

What are we?
We are artists, ceramicists, textile artists and carpenters, who create exceptional works for you with love and warmth, and we believe that they will easily find a place in your homes and hearts.

Our works
AMImonAMI provides carefully selected handmade products for your home and your loved ones. They are easy to combine with each other and can help to create individual collections for your home.

Let us be friends!

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