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Handmade container for toothbrushes.


Author - Kristina Motuzienė


Jar for toothbrushes, grey

SKU: KrisMo03
  • The dimensions of the jar are 8x8 cm, height – 11 cm.

    Covered with gloss grey glaze.

    Each piece is made by hand and is unique, so its shade and texture may differ slightly from the one depicted in the photo.


  • I was born in Kaunas, but I spent my childhood in Katlėriai village, in Anykščiai district. While studying at art school, I became interested in ceramics, and since then I have started to deepen my knowledge in this field.

    I currently live and work in Paandrioniškis village. The surrounding nature gives me inspiration for my creations, but it is just a part of my inspiration. The other part is devoted to history, traditions, and mythology. A part of my works was inspired by Lithuanian folk songs, as well as animal motifs and was destined for children and grown ups. 

    I try to connect the present with the past in my works. I combine historical motifs with modern forms, various methods of burning ceramics, and I also use sgraffito technique in many works.

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