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Handmaded ceramic vase. 

Author - Ramunė Pra.

Vase 2 with unique decorations

SKU: RPra03
  • Naked Raku technique is the main beauty of this vase, random ornaments is created with engobes. This vase isn't glazed so be wary with the water in it.
    Dimensions: diameter - 13,5 cm x 9,5 cm, height - 13 cm.


    Each piece is made by hand and is unique, so its shade and texture may differ slightly from the one depicted in the photo.

  • Ramunė Pra

    Works of Ramunė are decorative and positive, thats why they become like friends for morning coffee time. Her cups, boxes, brooches for interior are decorated with soft, curved lines, tender shapes and such an image emits possitive and gladsome atmosphere around


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